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Say NO to Venture Capital

Learn How to Skip Investor Funding by Going Vertical

Vertical startups such as Dollar Shave Club have sold for $1 Billion in cash. Learn how to launch one with little to no investor funding.

Get the four step GPDS framework that any founder can use to launch a startup without relying on pitch decks, business plans, or giving up equity.

This is the exact audio course I wish someone had told me about 10 years ago. It is full of valuable nuggets that will ensure you achieve maximum success with minimum struggle.

It was initially written and recorded for executives looking to go "vertical" (i.e., build their business instead of waiting around for it to happen by default). But it has invaluable life-transforming lessons for anyone who's ever needed to raise money.

This module reveals an amazing secret many people don't know about when it comes to raising money for your company: What you should do before you even begin pitching your idea to investors.

This "vertical" approach is NOT an alternative to the usual "horizontal" method of seeking out venture capitalists... but rather a viable 3rd path that has a MUCH higher rate of success than either route alone.

Forget Business Plans.

Forget Pitch Decks.

Forget Investors.

Here's What Startup Founders Just Like You Are Saying:

Here's What Startup Founders Just Like You Are Saying:

Bonus #1

(Valued at $98)

Learn the common mistakes founders make when pitching Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, and Daymond John directly from the casting director of SHARK TANK so you can give yourself an edge over 99.9% of founders which means being prepared to confidently pitch your ideas

Bonus #2

(Valued at $300)

Scared to engage a lawyer who charges by the hour? I ask Omar all the most difficult questions so you don't have to and can decide the best time ot get a startup lawyer

Bonus #2

(Valued at $300)

Learn what you need to know about setting up your company directly from a startup lawyer without paying heavy lawyer fees so you can redirect your costs to profit-creating initiatives which means running lean and increasing your runway

Bonus #3

(Valued at $97)

Learn the inspiring story of Reem who went from literally nothing to breaking $1,000,000 with her SaaS business so you can formulate your plan based on a real case study which means maximizing your chance of success with a proven method that works for both D2C and B2B verticals

Your Vision. Your Equity. Your Terms.

About Robin Copernicus

Robin is the founder of Vertical Liftoff (VLO): the first startup accelerator that helps founders skip investor funding. He's on a mission right now to help startup founders build an audience and get their first paying customers without relying on pitch decks, business plans, or giving up equity to venture capitalists.

Robin is also the author of the book Minimum Viable Mockup that

teaches founders the right way to build a startup without going into debt or bankruptcy.

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